Very important read on police brutality in Pakistan. You all are doing excellent work, Justice Project Pakistan.

JPP'S Torture Watch

“They would hit me with sticks on the bottom of my feet. They would tie my hands and feet together and run a thick wooden stick between them under my belly and suspend me like that and hit me on my feet. They even beat me with a chittar….I have scars on my wrists from the handcuffs and arm from the cigarette burns. They even electrocuted me,” narrated Shafqat Hussain, as he described how the police tortured him into confessing for a crime he had not committed. “They could make you say a deer was an elephant

Shafqat’s story is like many others a story of the impunity enjoyed by the police in Pakistan for committing heinous acts of torture. Shafqat was executed on 8 August 2015, whereas the police officers who tortured him faced no repercussion for their conduct.

Transparency International has named the police as the…

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